Landsborough to Nambour (Qld) upgraded Rail Corridor

The Queensland Government Departments of Transport and Main Roads is proposing to upgrade approximately 22 km of the North Coast Line between Landsborough and Nambour by 2026. The new lines will occupy sections of the existing right of way and where appropriate will run on yet to be proclaimed new easements. New tunnels will also be incorporated into the plan. As part of the planning process they have prepared an environmental Impact Statement (July 2009).

This report indicates on pages 15 and 27 that they will be exploring “opportunities for reusing sections of the existing railway, not required for the new railway, for recreational uses such as walk, cycle and equestrian tracks (e.g. ’rail trails’) particularly around Landsborough, Mooloolah and Eudlo”. Various maps throughout the publication detail the partial location of the proposed rail trail.

The report can be downloaded from or from

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