Mitchell-Murrundindi-Mansfield Rail Trail – Concept Design & Business Plan

The proposed Mitchell-Murrundindi-Mansfield Rail Trail is in North East Victoria. Details of the rail trail are here

Following is a notice from Urban Enterprise.

Urban Enterprise, a firm of urban planners, land economists and tourism planners, has been commissioned by Mitchell Shire Council (in cooperation with Murrindindi and Mansfield Shire Councils) to prepare a Concept Design and Business Plan for a proposed rail trail within the three Shires. A Feasibility Study for the proposed trail was conducted in 2001. When completed, the rail trail will extend from Tallarook to Yea to Mansfield, with a separate branch extending from the main track at Cathkin to Alexandra.

Rail Trails have been highly successful in delivering significant economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits to regional Australia. The proposed Mitchell-Murrindindi-Mansfield Rail Trail is anticipated to provide a major tourism and recreational product, capable of generating new, innovative and complimentary tourism investment along the length of the trail and contributing to the economic growth of the wider region. The trail will also lead to the preservation of the natural environment – with some sections of the trail being particularly significant. A further advantage of the project is that it will create stronger and additional links between the neighbouring townships across the three Shires. The Mitchell-Murrindindi-Mansfield Rail Trail has been able to progress into its next stage of development, as a result of the three Shires collaborating and lodging a collective application for Federal Government funding in 2004. The application for grant monies of $145,000 was successful, primarily under the Australian Tourism Development Program and partly under the Regional Partnerships Programme. A Project Management Committee that consists of an Officer and a Councillor from each Shire will oversee the project – a concept design & business plan for the first stage of the rail trail.

The Concept Design & Business Plan for Stage 1 of the Mitchell-Murrindindi-Mansfield Rail Trail will allow for three sections of the trail – one in each of the three Shires. The proposed first stages for development are as follows:

  • Mitchell Shire: Tallarook – Granite
  • Murrindindi Shire: Homewood – Yea
  • Mansfield Shire: Maindample – Mansfield

During this Concept Design & Business Plan phase of the Rail Trail project, a series of public meetings will be held, the first of which is scheduled for Thursday 14th July 2005. Further details about this public meeting and other information about the project will be detailed in the project newsletter, which will be produced once a month. The newsletter will provide updates on the progress of the project, outcomes achieved by the project and the project’s next steps. If you would like to receive this monthly newsletter, please register your contact details by contacting Urban Enterprise P/L, PO Box 1057, North Fitzroy, 3068 or preferably via email: (add “mail” at front of address in email program – done to reduce spamming)

The success of this project relies greatly on support and enthusiasm from local user groups. This letter seeks your cooperation and your assistance for this project wherever possible, in advertising the Mitchell-Murrindindi-Mansfield Rail Trail development to members of your group or attending public meetings to show your support. If you have any further questions or require any additional information regarding the project, please do not hesitate to contact the project’s consultant Matt Ainsaar at Urban Enterprise P/L on 9482-3888.


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