Rail Trails Australia is looking for volunteers!

Rail Trails Australia is run by passionate volunteers who use their skills to make rail trails more accessible and available to all. If you are thinking about volunteering – consider joining us for a chance to connect with and work alongside other volunteers, share your ideas to promote rail trails, and make a contribution to a worthwhile cause. 

We are open to volunteers with a range of backgrounds and skill sets – including copywriters and editors, website designers, graphic designers, economic analysts and photographers. As a national organisation we rely on regional representatives and are also looking for people active in their region who can help build connections. 

We are holding a Volunteer Information Session in Melbourne on Saturday 6 July. Current volunteers will share their experiences in more depth and answer your questions.

Click here if you’d like to find out more about the opportunity to work alongside our team, or contact admin@railtrails.org.au or mobile 0412 008 773.


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