South Burnett Regional Council abandons Bike hire Idea.

At last week’s Council meeting, Councillors heard a six-week trial of free bicycle hire had been run from mid-May to the end of June this year, using bikes purchased with a grant for another community health program, but decided not to continue this bike hire service.

Over the six-week trial period, 28 bike hires occurred – 16 at the Kingaroy Visitor Information Centre, and the rest at Wondai’s Visitor Information Centre (VIC)

The report noted the trial had been beset by a number of problems, These included poor display of the bikes, which had been stored behind Kingaroy’s VIC and inside Wondai’s VIC.

The report noted that most comments made by people using the bike hire service were very positive, but also noted the trial had disclosed a number of issues that hadn’t been thought about.

These included being able to offer one-way hires (eg. Kingaroy to Wondai or vice-versa), procedures to assist riders who broke down during a hire (eg. getting a flat tyre), after-hours returns and related matters.

So what is the good news out if this?

South Burnett Regional Council will give away 16 mountain bikes to any community group that wants to operate a bicycle hire service in the region.

Community groups interested in taking up the offer should contact South Burnett Regional Council on:

Phone: 07 4189 9100

Fax: 07 4162 4806

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